A DIY Cruise Missile
The Construction Diary
Last Updated 6 July, 2004

cruise missile Good news for those following this project, I have decided to continue with publishing the constructional diary.

Over the next few weeks I'll fill in the missing links below and add a wealth of new data to the website.

If the NZ Government thought they were going to kill this project they were sadly mistaken and, with the help of many kind contributors, I'm determined to go ahead with testing sometime in the near future.

I'm now well over half-way through building a second missile which will probably be donated to a museum or educational institution. This second missile also gives me some backup if problems arise during the testing of the original one.

Flightcontrol Those interested in more information on the flight-control system will be pleased to see that I have begun to document this aspect of the project.

I also hope to have the subscription system sorted out later this week. This will result in the publication of far more detailed information than is on the freely accessible pages.


I have also finished the engine design and assembly is well underway.

Note: I have added a set of Discussion Forums to this website for those who have questions on this project.

Welcome to the DIY Cruise Missile construction diary.

Regular visitors to this area of the website will be able to see:

  • how and where materials and components were sourced and how much was paid.
  • how the airframe is designed and constructed (with full working plans)
  • How the engine (a conventional pulsejet) is designed and constructed (with full working plans)
  • How the guidance system is designed, built and programmed
  • How the launch system is designed, built and tested (with full working plans)
  • How the various subsystems are tested
  • The final assembly and testing of all major subsystems
  • Flight-testing and deployment (under controlled conditions with a dummy payload)
All of the above will be documented using text, CAD files, GIF/JPEG images, and streaming or downloadable video clips.

A summary of each increment in the project's construction will be posted for public access, with the full details (and supporting text, CAD, MPEG and other files) only available to those who subscribe.

The subscriptions raised by this website will be used to cover the costs associated with the project.

I'm not taking subscriptions until I have the rest of this website up and running (so that people can get a good idea of what they'll be getting for their money) but if you'd like to be contacted at that stage, please use this form to contact me.

Note that all email addresses and other information will be kept in the strictest confidence and only used to advise when the website is completed to the next stage.

Project Milestones:

Note, as each phase of development is completed and documented, the above headings will become hypertext links to the relevant summary pages -- with more detailed information and documentation available through links to the subscription section of this website.

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