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A DIY cruise missile, pulsejet dragster, speed record-attempt - it's all here

Coming up soon.. Can you really run a car on water?
Hydrogen from water technology put to the test right here!

pulsejet speed record engine test

My book: The Missile Man
For as long as I can remember I've always had a fascination with science and technology. Even before I started school I'd almost electrocuted myself in an attempt to build my own radio.

As I grew up, this curiosity and desire to "build stuff" grew ever-stronger and my life to date has been filled with exciting projects -- some of which were striking successes, some of which were spectacularly catastrophic and very dangerous failures. I've almost lost count of the number of times I've cheated death by a hair's breadth and a look at the pictures on this page will give you a clue as to why.

In this book I share the fun, excitement, disappointment and tragedy that this life of experimentation has delivered, ultimately climaxing in the incredible sequence of events that surrounded my DIY cruise missile project.

If you're the kind of person who gets a kick out of playing with gadgets, pulling stuff apart to see how it works, or playing with science and technology in an attempt to build something exciting then this is a book you will love.

There's a lot of "do not try this at home" content and a close look at just how I built my cruise missile (sorry, no plans). You'll also find out what's become of the only privately owned cruise missile in the Western World.

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The world's fastest leather recliner-rocker
pulsejet powered recliner at about 70
pulsejet powered recliner, brakes on!

NZ Government Kills Missile Project (Click Here)

Did the USA "lean" on the NZ Government, forcing them to shut down the DIY cruise missile project by fair means or foul?

Watch this investigative report by NZ's leading news and current affairs TV program then decide for yourself and, if you wish, send me your comments.

Testing jet engines can be hot work
Bookmark this page right now if you're interested in building your own jet engine, a jet-powered gokart or just about anything else that makes lots of noise and power.

Night Starting

Unlike some websites that simply offer poor-quality copies of someone else's untested plans and designs without any instructions or even evidence that they work, "Interesting Projects" presents real projects that really work. You'll not only get all the information you need to build these projects but you'll also see them in action through pictures and online video footage.

Most of these projects require only minimal skills and simple tools to complete. What's more, they're constructed from "off the shelf" parts and materials. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy building your own "Interesting Projects.

Coming Soon: Building a $5,000 Cruise Missile

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